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Kvart President Letter

August /September 2016

Hello /Dobry Den

We have completed a very successful 6 months of functions at Sokol. Last month Michael Krejci took up a vacant position in the committee, until the next AGM in November. Welcome and a big thank you Michael, for accepting this position and for taking on the editorship of Kvart.

Another expression of gratitude goes to all involved in these first Saturday of the month activities. Committee members that have played a major role are Marcella,Vlasta, Katerina, Honza  and Michael K.  Appreciation goes to Zusanna, Romana, Renata, Eric, Judith P, Vintage Blue, Boris,  Sharyn and all the others that helped to make all the evenings entertaining. The third Trivia evening was an evening that tested everyone’s knowledge of both the Czech Republic and Slovakia . A great effort Katerina!! The winners will prepare questions for next year.
(See photos on later pages)

All the functions are fundraisers to help keep and maintain the Sokol Building. The property needs at least $60 a day to pay all the amenities to keep it open, on top of this we need money for improvements to our aging building. It is a great effort that a small community has managed to keep it going for such a long time. THANK YOU and ACKNOWLEDGMENT to everyone for supporting the Czech and Slovak National House. The hall rental, bar sales, Kvart advertisements, donations, membership fees, grants and functions all help to keep the door open.

The memo

Membership fees were due in July 2016. Thank you to all that have sent them in. Please send them in if still outstanding by cheque or direct deposit to the Sokol bank account and please add you name and send address and copy of bank receipt to the club so that a receipt can be sent back. The fees are $20 pensioner $30 adult $50 family with small children.



BSB 033132

ACC 290864

The Tuesday Lunches are still popular with a regular small group of the older members. Appreciation and Recognition of the members that help on these days. Michael R from the committee, Mrs Zlaty (senior), Trevor and Diane (Geelong). Other helpers are Julius, Jizina, Zdnek, Eric, Drahus Z and Carolina.

On August Saturday 6 at 730 pm. Vintage Blue will provide a night of Czech, Slovak and English Music .A fun evening not to be missed!! Music starts 8pm till 11pm.

The annual Pork Feast is on Sunday 21 August 1pm start.

The menu is soup, smoked pork white /black sausage sauerkraut, potatoes, dessert, coffee. Cost $25

Book early, as this is a very popular event.

In September there are no functions.

In October Saturday 22, Studio 4(8 pm till 11pm) will provide the music for a traditional Czech Dance Party. Hope you can attend!

In November Sunday 14 at 1pm there will be a lunch where you can meetup and chat with Domazlicka Dudacka Muzika musicians. On the Saturday 13 November they will be performing at Sumava.

We hope to see you soon at Sokol . Wishing you all good health and happiness.

Vera and Committee


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